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PRACTICE POSTER  This is the poster I created in imed today. I know that Atrazine is a serious issue, but I also know that if I made the poster too serious a lot of people wouldn’t read it. Me, personally, when I’m at the gym or hospital, I never read the boring posters. I always go for the colorful and comical posters, so thats the reason I decided to make the poster a little comical. I chose the three headed dog to show the problem with atrazine. And I tried to relate to the audience by talking about their neighbor’s dog.

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Today in Class, I watched  the first episode of the third season of Being Human (U.S.):)

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This is the yearbook cover we had been working on all week. The theme was Hollywood, movie, theater, all that good stuff.

Basically the front coves on right and the back is the one on the left. the front cover is supposed to look like a movie poster with a Hollywood star on it. The back of teh cover has a picture of Marilyn Monroe. I gave her glasses.

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Today in IMED we worked on our yearbook covers. Cover will be posted soon, possibly by the end of the week

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This is totally me at restaurants these days

This is totally me at restaurants these days.



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Pan-fried Korean Style Bulgogi

ali malcolm

beef and broccoli

As I’ve said before, I love Korean food. I’m not entirely sure I know how to cook it properly, but I often make “Korean inspired” dishes that end up being quite tasty, if not at all authentic to true Korean cuisine. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a version of Bulgogi, a classic Korean dish, and now since I’ve started (occasionally) eating meat again, the opportunity has presented itself.

This recipe is fairly easy, great for a quick cooking dinner as long as you prepare the marinate in the morning or night before. It is incredibly flavourful and versatile enough to add with any steaming side of veggies. I used broccoli – yum!


Ingredients (for 2)

  • 1/2 lb – 1 lb organic local flank steak, thinly cut into strips. Apparently there is a way to cut the meat properly to ensure tenderness. I asked the butcher to do it.

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